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The Top 3 Cellulite Treatment Options

When women gasp over their first cellulite sighting on their bodies, they immediately look into the best cellulite treatments. After reviewing the pertinent information on cellulite most individuals come to the conclusion that the most popular way of dealing with these creepy dimple appearances, is with a topical cellulite cream. These creams tend to contain caffeine or Retinol, or sometimes even both, and those ingredients are most favored at reducing the appearance of cellulite temporarily. Caffeine is supposed to shrink fat cells and Retinol is said to stimulate the production of collagen making the skin more pliable and giving it more elasticity. It may take weeks or months to see some hardcore visible results, but some women claim they have seen improvements in as little as two weeks as long as they applied the cream in generous amounts with at least a few minutes of self massage twice a day, every day without fail.

Massage is important when dealing with cellulite; so much so that one cellulite treatment called endermologie is centered on a roller type of massage combined with suction to boost circulation in the skin. Each of these cellulite treatment massages are about one half hour to 45 minutes long and usually done at least two times a week for about six months. The average cost for 12 sessions can be up to $1,000, so this is not the most practical choice when managing the look of cellulite, but it is incredibly popular at the plastic surgeon’s offices these days. Again, this is a temporary fix with no guarantees, so one must keep their expectations in check.

There seems to be a revolving door of machines using sound waves, radio waves, lasers, or thermal dermal whatevers at spas, salons, and the doctor’s office these days, but many folks are skeptical as to whether they really do anything or not. For some results are obvious, and for others, not at all.

One of the most popular techniques to manage cellulite appearance at all of these places is the cellulite wrap. These wraps are herbal in nature and supposedly take off a few inches in addition to smoothing out and firming up cellulite-ridden skin. That almost seems to good to be true, but many consumers swear that they get great results albeit extremely temporary ones that may or may not last a couple of weeks. Most consumers get monthly wraps and when bought in bulk, you get a series of wraps at a much cheaper rate. When done outside of that, you are looking at about $50-$100 per wrap, depending on where you have it done. Some are available for self-application at home and there seem to be new advances in this area of cellulite management every few months.

Scar removal treatment procedures

Changing the appearance of scars gets more advanced every year. Scar removal is a big business of sorts, though no scar can be completely extracted from the human body without, of course, putting another type of scar in its place. Some offices promote procedures and treatments for scar removal. However, this can be misleading as total eradication of the scar is not possible. Most individuals want to know what the best scar treatment on the market is. The methods used to reduce the look of scars can often make it look like there never was one, and for some people they can change the feel or restriction some scars cause. The size and age of your scar plays a large role or factor when it comes to changing them up, and also the price you are willing to pay has to be considered as well.

Scar revision surgery is considered an elective or cosmetic procedure that will not be covered by your insurance unless it is determined by your insurance providers that minimizing your scars can improve mobility or some other function that is impaired by the current status of your scarring. Consulting with a plastic surgeon that is board-certified will be the next step, and usually consultations are free as they help determine what really can be done for your and if you are a proper candidate for this type of surgical procedure. Scar revision surgery carries all the same risks as any other type of surgery, so during the consultation you would need to be thorough on your expectations and concerns. Reactions to anesthesia, infection, and the possibility of more scarring are unfortunate outcomes, but that is the reality when considering this medical procedure.

There is a suggested waiting period between the point of scar healing and when you can get scar revision done; that is usually at least a year, as your scar can become less obvious over time and begin to blend in better than you thought it might. Clearly facial scarring is a different matter altogether and that consideration is weighed carefully at your consultation.

Often to relieve itching and pain, scars are injected with a series of steroids, whereas severe burn scars that pull and restrict mobility are treated with skin grafting or tissue expansion. These are the most extreme of scarring situations, but the average scars are often just addressed in the privacy of your own home with a good scar cream product. Applying a scar cream or gel containing silicone has been reported to do wonders for drastically reducing the look and feel of most scars as long as the directions for application are followed to the letter.

Many folks have minor scarring that they just live with or conceal with a tattoo, but if your scars bother you, you can try a good topical scar product or start considering a consult with a plastic surgeon.

What is The Best Way to Get Rid of Cellulite?

If you keep up with the latest Hollywood trends, then you know there are countless beauty products and cosmetic procedures coming to the market every day. If you seen it on a red carpet, chances are it wasn’t cheap. Although, gorgeous celebrities want us regular joe’s to believe their physical perfection is natural…we know better! So, what are their best kept secrets? For instance, how do the stars hide their cellulite? What is the best way to get rid of cellulite?

For many rich and famous, there are dozens of cosmetic procedures that are used to fight cellulite. The best way to handle cellulite is to first understand that cellulite can only be removed with surgery. Even then, there is no guarantee. For mainstream America, a surgical procedure is not ideal. It is costly, risky, and invasive. If you are like most people, you want to keep physical flaws a private matter. Most of us cannot afford a high-end security team to discretely escort us into the plastic surgeons office. And if we did, who would run the house during weeks of recovery? Down-time is a fantasy.

If you are constantly on the go but you are ashamed of your cellulite. Try a convenient topical anti-cellulite cream. It can reduce the appearance of cellulite. And, who knows with the improved look you might appear on a magazine cover yourself. Okay, that was a stretch. But it is no less true…beauty and confidence are for everyone!

A cellulite cream is an effective way to get rid of cellulite, well the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite can be a hindrance for all of us. If you could easily and affordably make your cellulite less noticeable, wouldn’t you? Apply a cellulite cream twice daily and within several weeks you may notice prettier looking skin in the place of where the lumpy cellulite use to be. So, if you are ever asked, “what is the best way to get rid of cellulite?”, you can confidently recommend a cellulite cream to reduce the appearance of cellulite instead of a drastic surgical procedure.

Top Creams for Scars

Scars can happen from just a simple tiny cut or from a rigorous surgical procedure. Your body’s own healing process determines the scar’s severity more than the trauma does. Other leading causes of scars are burns, acne, plastic surgery, lacerations, rash, piercings, cuts/bites, tattoos, chicken pox and other injuries/trauma. All of which are essentially a breakdown of the skin. Scar removal is a frequently used term. But actually, scar tissue cannot be removed 100%. Continue reading for scar-reduction solutions…

The top creams for scars include silicone-based formulas. Some of which are a gel product, and not actually a cream. The beauty of silicone is that with a slight application and gentle massage into skin, the gel is barely visible. Many topical products claim to “remove a scar” when in actuality this is not possible. We recommend using a product that does not make these claims. You can make the scar appear smaller and look better with a silicone gel. Often times that is all it takes! With silicone gel, the scarred area gets the hydration it needs to heal faster. It also can help with flattening a raised scar. Topical gels are largely available without a prescription and they are safe for all ages and skin types. A one ounce bottle can last several weeks up to many months, depending on the size of the scar. Only a small amount is needed per application. Improvement can be noticed in as little as 4 weeks. Reducing the look of a scar can energize any of us so that such blemishes no longer have to be a “dark cloud”.

But how does the silicone heal? Scar tissue is inflamed skin cells. Silicone inhibits the excess collagen production; too much collagen is what makes the scar look so apparent. The top creams for scars have clinically proven the reduction in the appearance of the scar. We suggest selecting a product that targets hypertrophic scars, keloid scars, and acne scars as these are the most common types of scars. There are formulas that can help multiple types of scars. Be sure to begin your search with the best and choose a product that is known to deliver results!

Can You Permanently Get Rid of Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are the result of extreme weight gain in a short time frame; such as pregnancy or a growth spurt. If you recently have gained weight due to hormones, age, poor diet, and/or lack of exercise it can be quite depressing. And to add more detriment, now you have stretch marks to remind you every day. Can you permanently get rid of stretch marks? In short “no”. The reason for this is because the skin cells have been stretched and on the surface the fibrous tissues are broken. However, there are millions of people who are using topical creams to reduce the appearance of their stretch marks. If you want to do something about your stretch marks you will be happy to know that there are professional grade products available without a prescription.

This simple process of twice daily cream application is not daunting like some of the spa treatments or cosmetic procedures. But, anti-stretch mark creams deliver virtually the same results. The difference is the costs and the time it takes for results. Yes, a cosmetic procedure may reduce your stretch marks quicker than a topical cream. But, the increase in costs may not be worth it.
Stretch marks are merely a cosmetic flaw, there is no danger. But everyone wants to know how to get rid of stretch marks? Although, they cannot be banished entirely, you can still make your body look better with a proven topical formula. It can be used on the thighs, stomach, butt, and breast or anywhere that you may have stretch marks. Using a stretch mark cream is not recommended while pregnant or nursing.

Now that you know more about how to get rid of stretch marks, you have the advantage. A secret weapon. Because while others may think they can eliminate stretch marks overnight, you now know how the body really works. Simply give it some time and you too can reduce the appearance of stretch marks. With the right product and some patience, you could save thousands by opting out of cosmetic procedures.