The Top 3 Cellulite Treatment Options

When women gasp over their first cellulite sighting on their bodies, they immediately look into the best cellulite treatments. After reviewing the pertinent information on cellulite most individuals come to the conclusion that the most popular way of dealing with these creepy dimple appearances, is with a topical cellulite cream. These creams tend to contain caffeine or Retinol, or sometimes even both, and those ingredients are most favored at reducing the appearance of cellulite temporarily. Caffeine is supposed to shrink fat cells and Retinol is said to stimulate the production of collagen making the skin more pliable and giving it more elasticity. It may take weeks or months to see some hardcore visible results, but some women claim they have seen improvements in as little as two weeks as long as they applied the cream in generous amounts with at least a few minutes of self massage twice a day, every day without fail.

Massage is important when dealing with cellulite; so much so that one cellulite treatment called endermologie is centered on a roller type of massage combined with suction to boost circulation in the skin. Each of these cellulite treatment massages are about one half hour to 45 minutes long and usually done at least two times a week for about six months. The average cost for 12 sessions can be up to $1,000, so this is not the most practical choice when managing the look of cellulite, but it is incredibly popular at the plastic surgeon’s offices these days. Again, this is a temporary fix with no guarantees, so one must keep their expectations in check.

There seems to be a revolving door of machines using sound waves, radio waves, lasers, or thermal dermal whatevers at spas, salons, and the doctor’s office these days, but many folks are skeptical as to whether they really do anything or not. For some results are obvious, and for others, not at all.

One of the most popular techniques to manage cellulite appearance at all of these places is the cellulite wrap. These wraps are herbal in nature and supposedly take off a few inches in addition to smoothing out and firming up cellulite-ridden skin. That almost seems to good to be true, but many consumers swear that they get great results albeit extremely temporary ones that may or may not last a couple of weeks. Most consumers get monthly wraps and when bought in bulk, you get a series of wraps at a much cheaper rate. When done outside of that, you are looking at about $50-$100 per wrap, depending on where you have it done. Some are available for self-application at home and there seem to be new advances in this area of cellulite management every few months.