Top Creams for Scars

Scars can happen from just a simple tiny cut or from a rigorous surgical procedure. Your body’s own healing process determines the scar’s severity more than the trauma does. Other leading causes of scars are burns, acne, plastic surgery, lacerations, rash, piercings, cuts/bites, tattoos, chicken pox and other injuries/trauma. All of which are essentially a breakdown of the skin. Scar removal is a frequently used term. But actually, scar tissue cannot be removed 100%. Continue reading for scar-reduction solutions…

The top creams for scars include silicone-based formulas. Some of which are a gel product, and not actually a cream. The beauty of silicone is that with a slight application and gentle massage into skin, the gel is barely visible. Many topical products claim to “remove a scar” when in actuality this is not possible. We recommend using a product that does not make these claims. You can make the scar appear smaller and look better with a silicone gel. Often times that is all it takes! With silicone gel, the scarred area gets the hydration it needs to heal faster. It also can help with flattening a raised scar. Topical gels are largely available without a prescription and they are safe for all ages and skin types. A one ounce bottle can last several weeks up to many months, depending on the size of the scar. Only a small amount is needed per application. Improvement can be noticed in as little as 4 weeks. Reducing the look of a scar can energize any of us so that such blemishes no longer have to be a “dark cloud”.

But how does the silicone heal? Scar tissue is inflamed skin cells. Silicone inhibits the excess collagen production; too much collagen is what makes the scar look so apparent. The top creams for scars have clinically proven the reduction in the appearance of the scar. We suggest selecting a product that targets hypertrophic scars, keloid scars, and acne scars as these are the most common types of scars. There are formulas that can help multiple types of scars. Be sure to begin your search with the best and choose a product that is known to deliver results!